Medical Equipments Recycling

Disposal of Medical Devices

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Earth Sense Recycle Pvt. Ltd., is not only an E-waste recycler but has firmly placed its footsteps in recycling or disposing of decommissioned medical devices. According to new rules, proper recycling and disposal of obsolete medical devices is necessary.

Decommissioning is removal of medical devices from their originally intended use in a health care facility to an alternative use or disposal.

It has to be acknowledged that decommissioning of medical devices appropriately is as important as commissioning and procuring them.

After extended use, medical devices deteriorate and reach a state in which the cost–benefit ratio is negative, with declining performance, unreliability and regular failure.

When a medical device becomes obsolete or unusable or is no longer required by the health care facility, it enters the final stage of its life cycle: decommissioning.

The main pathway for decommissioning a medical device and determining its final disposition after decontamination is permanent elimination (e.g. recycling, cannibalizing or incineration). Since disposal of untreated health care waste in municipal landfills is not advisable, Earth Sense provides a solution to dispose of such obsolete devices in an environmentally safe manner.

Once such devices reach our facility, the next stage is to ensure that the device is disinfected, cleaned and decontaminated. Removing patient data, disposing of consumable parts and (if relevant) withdrawing or removing its listing from the paper-based or computerized inventory would be the next stage.

The devices are disposed of through Earth Sense in an eco-friendly manner, ie., cleaning, disinfecting, dismantling and recycling. Any incinerable parts or biologically contaminated elements would be sent to our sister concern – M/s. GJ Multiclave (India) Pvt. Ltd., for incineration.

Once the process is over, we hand over a ‘Destruction Certificate’ which certifies the proper disposal of the medical device.

At Earth Sense we follow WHO standards for decommissioning, dismantling, and recycling up to final disposal.