Plant A Planet

Plant a Planet

Each of our services are aimed at extending solutions that leave a better world for the generations to come.

There is more to recycling than just being a solution to deal with resources that have become redundant. If each one of us makes a conscious effort towards responsible recycling and ensure e-waste management through authorized vendors, we are actually reinventing the planet. Sounds exaggerated, but true. How?

Recycling ensures that all of the raw materials used in electronic equipment get re-used and put back into the production cycle as inputs for brand new products. In this way, the plastic, metal, and glass which we recover get a second life and we, as consumers and citizens, reap the benefit of using and conserving our finite natural resources for longer periods of time.

Mining, transporting, and refining one ton of metal from the earth requires huge carbon emission costs. By recycling old electronics, we can recover the same one ton of material, with far less CO2 emissions. Studies have proved that nearly 85% energy savings is possible from recycling copper versus mining it from the ground. Yet another evidence that shows how electronic recycling goes a long way in helping us reduce our carbon footprint.

By creating an alternative to ‘mine’ materials, recycling helps keep the price of raw materials down, which in turn, lowers the costs of the final product, making it cheaper for all consumers to purchase goods.

Hence recycling is important to keep the world clean and also save some money in the process. It helps to benefit local communities, create jobs and build the economy. For the environment, recycling is imperative to reduce pollution, cut the quantity of virgin natural resources extracted from the planet, reduce energy and water consumption, minimize greenhouse gas emissions, and more. With so much of positive impact made possible, recycling certainly tantamounts to building a brand new planet.